Hi Folks,

I guess you will be wondering what is #sabiarea doing now oo. What is #shootyourshot, are they promoting Simi’s #Joromi. Well, we are not doing that but we are just taking a cue from those words to tell you our teeming readers and friends that you need to SHOOT YOUR SHOT. Create those moments and ensure you save them.

Na naija we dey and we know as hustle and walka-walka dey make us forget to relax and appreciate the little things of live. This is why we decide say today no be street matter we go yan but matter wey connect with the quality of our life.

It is widely agreed that #moments and #memories are the sum total of living, that is why most religions hammer on what you do or fail to do because at the end of it all the moments you shared and experienced will create the memories you need so #shootyourshot.


By cake

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