Every society has its popular street “slangs” or “saying” and Lagos State in Nigeria is not an exception.

And as a cosmopolitan state most of its street #slangs tend to become a national thing although every state and region have those peculiar to their area.

In recent times. most street slangs based on our observations are words or phrases made popular by musicians or created by them via their songs.

Below are some popular ones both old and new:

  1. Osha pra pra ( created and made popular by a musical artiste)
    It means something cool or nice in local parlance it makes sense.
    It has variations of osha mohno mohno, osha pro pro.
  2. Gbera (derived from the virtual betting of dogs)It means “carry go”. And was made popular by a musical artiste.
  3. Gobe (emerged from a song)
    Gobe means a bad deal or in local parlance “bad market”.
  4. Masun (this also emerged from a song)
    Masun means “do not sleep”.
    It is commonly said as a phrase”ji se,masun”.It is a call to wake up and be attentive and hardworking.
  5. Igboro
    Igboro simply means area or street where you know,live or have connects.

    We hope to deliver more so that we go #sabi as usual.
    We are #streetkings and intend bringing the best of the best of streets and all it entails to you.

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