It may not come as a surprise that simple and common road signs Nigerians do not know what they mean.

And to think that we all have an opinion concerning every road user on who is right or wrong whenever there is a major or minor mishap can be funny.

Little wonder, where you see a situation were a one-way road user claims right of way because he is the first to enter the road (lol).
Find below some excerpts from a video by @yawnaijaent on what a #zebra-crossing is.

Comical,right? But alarming because everyone is involved in road usage both the pedestrian, motorcycle rider or vehicle owner.

In our next post we will try to look at some road signs and what they mean so that we go fit educate ourselves.

However, a zebra crossing is a type of pedestrian crossing used in many places around the world. Its distinguishing feature is alternating dark and light stripes on the road surface, resembling the coat of a zebra. A zebra crossing typically gives priority to rights of way to pedestrians…(

Wetin e mean say na road sign wey get zebra colour of white and black which means make a vehicles or motorcycles give way to people way dey use leg walka and wan cross the road.


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