It is often said that one should dress as he or she wants to be addressed right? Now the question is how will you want to be addressed based on how you are dressed, is it in a crispy clean manner?

But come to think of it, we know how difficult it is for us to find time to do those “fine boys and fine girls” things when it comes to our clothes after all the hustling and bustling from Monday-Friday and for some persons till Sunday.

At the end of the day even weekends we are so tired to raise our heads off the bed talk-less of doing our laundries and understandably so.

Now, let us assume you can pick up your phone and dial some numbers and viola like magic you have someone knocking on your doorsteps to take off that load called laundry off you, nice right?

Quit assuming because OUT OF THE BOX laundry and dry cleaning service is at your service. They are just a call away and guess what, they do free pick-up and delivery.

So if I were to be you I will just “jejely” dial their number now or whatsapp 08067101878 because “las las” to be smart no be bad thing.


By cake

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