What played out in six minutes after takeoff yesterday from Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport is classic capitalism at its worst. If two same-type of aircraft can crash the same style, the same duration after lift up killing everyone on board for the second time in five months, then we need to start asking germane questions.

Just as Jazzey Bay asked, how can a modern aircraft in 2019 be allowed to have a computer glitch which basically seizes control from the human and launches the aircraft into an uncontrollable nosedive? Why didn’t Boeing find a solution to this problem after the Indonesian air disaster five months ago?

For the past 24 hours, Boeing Public Relations has gone on overdrive. They have started online campaigns about how safe it is to fly and all that jazz. I’m not here to debate numbers and abstractions with air travel data wonks about air travel being the safest. The resultant effect of strategy like this is why 157 souls perished yesterday.

Boeing needs to face its challenge head-on. Just like typical hegemon, you will see the slant of TV stations like BBC and CNN employ in its coverage of the air disaster. BBC said a few hours ago, ” we are investigating whether changes to the Boeing Max 8’s automatic controls might have sent that flight into an unrecoverable nosedive.”

Are you kidding me? So, Boeing needs a soothsayer to deliver news to them that their costs cutting in the production of those planes and making it the darling of budget airlines isn’t a prominent issue they must address? They sacrificed the safety of passengers to create fuel efficient airplanes and this must be willfully addressed.

In the age of Artificial Intelligence and with incidences like this coming to the fore, we need to confront head-on the racism in technology in a technologically advanced world. If the finance industry can have mega regulations and dire consequences if they mess up, Boeing should not be allowed to get away with this murder. It happened twice, this isn’t a mistake and it should never happen again.

Beaming the spotlight on ourselves, it took over two hours for the fire brigade to arrive with water. I’ve debated on this platform why social investments is also a tool for self preservation.

Ask yourself, even if they all survived, does Africa have the capacity, medically and equipment wise to take care of trauma patients? We need to do better.

I’m glad that certain countries are taking steps into grounding the Boeing 737 Max in their fleet pending an investigation. China has done that and just a few minutes ago, Cayman Islands has joined. If you are flying across Africa, take note of these insights.

In Africa, only Ethiopian Airlines and Air Mauritania have a 737 Max in its fleet.

Arik Air placed orders for 8 737 Max Planes and Air Peace placed orders for 10 and both deliveries haven’t arrived yet. Popular Qatar Airways has 2 in its fleet.

Turkish Airlines has 3. If possible, ask your ticketing agents about the specific plane model you will be flying. Boeing shouldn’t get away with this, and the air disaster is their fault 100%.

The airline earlier confirmed that 149 passengers and eight crew members were aboard, as the plane took off from Addis Ababa at 8:38am local time (05:38 GMT) but crashed six minutes later.

Two Nigerians, Professor Pius Adesanmi and Ambassador Abiodun Bashua, were victims of the crash.

Disclaimer: This write up is not the opinion of this platform but aimed at helping out.

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