The act of tie and dye as part of the fashion industry runs deep into the Nigerian society and across the world but is it now a dying form of art?

In the northern part of Nigeria especially around Kano there used to be what is called indigo pits and in the western part of Nigeria especially among the Abeokuta people tie and dye was a fad that was craved and desired amongst many.

It was a profession filled with women (maybe because fashion was seen as a woman thing back then) and commonly called “adire”.

Well, it gladdens the heart to know that such rich culture still exist and is being sustained by young entrepreneurs and improved upon.

@iam_vicocool a tie and dye practitioner said he delved into the art form because of the play of colours.

“Well, the reason I chose tie and dye is because I realise Africans are people of colours”, he said.

Although, he is into tie and dye but he does not use your conventional material which is the normal native wear.

According to @iam_vicocool, the love for colours in a tie and dye format was restricted to our native attires hence his decision to explore it on t-shirts and other materials.

So I guess if you are a lover of fashion and tie and dye @iam_vicocool will be your guy to call.

He resides in Lagos around Lekki-Ajah so reach him here:
Whatsapp: +2347031936785 Business related only and on Instagram:@iam_vicocool.

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