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It is a common sight to behold as you walk around on the streets of Nigeria, different sagging patterns of young men which begs the question if sagging is a fashion style or just a wack trend.

It is said that sagging started among prisoners. We hear that because they are not given belts (for it can be used as weapons and for suicide) to hold their trousers in place hence the trousers goes down below their bottoms (arse). How true it is we do not know.

So why do people sag? To look cool and funky or to show off their under wears (if it is designer)?

We think in recent times it has become very popular because celebrities are seen doing it so now it seems cool but it ain’t COOL.

Especially, when you have to sag and affect your movement, (you see that they are walking as if their legs are tied up) and you have to constantly draw up your trousers either for it not to fall down totally.

The annoying sight to behold are those that sag and showcase dirty and tattered under wears (boxers).

Do ladies like it…?(thinking)

Just so you know it is believed that those who sag their trousers are “yahoo-yahoo” boys in Nigeria.

Sagging Gone Wrong

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