With the advent of the internet and the birth of social media platforms from Yahoo Messenger or 2go of old to the recent and popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc a lot of people have become connected in seconds yet still far apart.

This begs the question, is social media a blessing or a curse?

For us here, we feel like every thing in life, social media platforms have their pros and cons it all depends on usage (the user and audience).

With social media platforms in Nigeria people have been able to expose the ills of the society to millions in just a post, it has also been used (and still in use) as a platform to cry for help for persons who are down health-wise and needs assistance .

Social media platforms have also played the role as a watch-dog of the society when videos and stories of assaults ranging from domestic to police brutality etc have and are being brought to light daily to the notice of the public and constituted authorities (we do not know if it has given the needed change).

However, it is still a platform used to lure innocent and naive Nigerians to either losing their lives via “ritual killings” or getting duped.

We can not ignore the fact that it is also a great influencer on the younger generation in shaping and moulding their belief system and goals in life(and with the wild-fire spread of nudity, do-as-you-like and ignore the society attitude from their role models or the get-rich-anyhow syndrome one cannot but wonder what values are being instilled).

Also, it seems to be a place where we all as Nigerians can come to and rant in the so-called safety of our homes on societal ills without doing anything more beyond ranting. Hence, we are back to square one until another viral video comes up of a repetition of such ill.

And yes, we are here RANTING as usual(smiles).

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