In Lagos, driving against the run of traffic is at your own risk: You can earn a jail term and also forfeit your vehicle.

If you are a first timer then you get to forfeit your vehicle to the government if not jail term.

Recently, two unidentified vehicle owners arrested in Opebi area of Lagos on June 11, 2019 faced the music.

They were charged to court and found guilty. The court verdict: ‘forfeiture of the vehicles to Lagos state Government.

According to Section 66 of the Lagos Traffic Law of the State: Any person driving or propelling any vehicle, who:

a. neglects or refuses to stop the vehicle or to make it proceed or to keep to a particular lane or direction of traffic when directed to do so by an officer on duty or

b. drives against oncoming traffic or fails to conform to the direction or indication given by the traffic sign commits an offence and is liable on conviction to

(i) a term of imprisonment for one (1) year and forfeiture of the vehicle to the state for a first time offender; and

(ii) a term of imprisonment for three(3) years and forfeiture of the vehicle to the state for a subsequent offender.

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