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According to a write-up by Shakir Akorede of CNN. Lagos is the THIRD MOST STRESSFUL CITY IN THE World.

The other two most stressful are:(1) Baghdad, Iraq (2) Kabul, Afghanistan.

In his write-up he was analysing the traffic situation in Lagos and how it has and is affecting the lives of its residents.

“It is not really hard to see why employees might feel stressed, burned out or exhausted, especially in a city like Lagos,” Oluwatayo says.”They leave home at 4 a.m., enduring hellish traffic and then [have] to deal with work pressure and the prevalent job insecurity, not to add individual family problems and responsibilities. It is no surprise that, in general, many more people seems to be suffering from anxiety and depression.”The situation is also killing workforce productivity.”How productive can you be when you stay in traffic for over six hours on a daily basis, conjoined with the things you go through to have a normal life in this city?” media exec Agnes Marquis said in a report by local media publication Pulse, titled “Here’s why you should think twice before taking a job in Lagos.”

Traffic congestion, with its noise and environmental pollution, takes a huge toll on workers’ mental and physical health.Health professionals have even linked its overall damage to the increasing rate of suicide in the city.

According to consultant psychiatrist Olufemi Oluwatayo, it’s not a surprise that Lagos commuters are negatively impacted by the traffic conditions.

And one major cause of cancer is stress aside other causes.

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