One can never be too safe in Nigeria hence the need to be alert always.

So today we will be giving ourselves some safety tips especially for those who reside in Lagos State.

  1. Always go out with a valid Identification Card (I.D) at all times of the day.
  2. Ensure to be calm when accosted by security officers whether you are on the right side of the law.
  3. While walking on any road especially in a place like Lagos always, we repeat always watch out for motorcycles Okada), tricycles (keke Marwa/Napeb) especially those going against traffic.
  4. If you have a vehicle ensure you have a functional brake pad because vehicles halt anytime and every time without doing the needful.
  5. When you onboard a motorcycle ensure you are vigilant and avoid any form of distractions like making phone calls or typing while on the motion.
  6. Use pedestrian bridges pleaseeee.
  7. When leaving the home very early try and be observant of your environment and do not stand alone in quiet areas.
  8. Protect your belongs, like phones, wallets etc while in a crowd.

You can add more for us all to learn. #sabitips#sabiarea

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