Tuface Idibia aka 2baba or 2face is a known name in the music industry in Africa and internationally; whose legendary status is not in doubt.

He has consistently churned out good melodious music for so long now that his music has travelled across continents and borders.

We will be analysing today “Raindrops” a song that his part of his third studio album in 2008. The essence is because we feel that so many persons have listened to this song without getting the messaged laced in he rhythm and melody of the song…they can’t be blamed…the song make brain die.

“Raindrops” is 2baba’ way of advising young men to be sexually discipline and don’t allow “sexual urges” make them to make “mistakes” such as unwanted pregnancy. This he said in the following lines:

See, young man, be careful and think it twice
Before you choose to use, before you choose to use, to use your device

2baba did not just stop there but went on to narrate his own travails due to his lack of sexual discipline and how it allowed raindrops fall from his eyes when he saw a blessing in disguise. And this is a reference to his children from the various women he had children.

Just like rain drops falling from my eyes
Just like tear drops falling from the sky
It is like a blessing, a blessing in disguise
That we fail to realize

So when next you listen to this song just know that the messaging is deep and strong. Find below link to its download.

Raindrops audio download

Hey…watch out for our next song review. Remember, we bring you a new vista to our songs and songs in general. Ciao for now.

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